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NCEC Session At Computer Lab 1
by Usman Hamid - Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 11:58 AM

NCEC Session At Computer Lab 1


Available courses

Learning centres are the resource centres for teachers and students.

Learning centres have following different objectives.

  • Enhance teachers' professional development \
  • resources development


The course focuses on the use of online collaboration tools which facilitate working, learning and social activities processes. Special accent is on creating joint projects and sharing different files, organizing online meetings via Skype or email, as well as on ethical, security and copyright issues of online collaboration.

The course aims to deepen theoretical and technical issues of online collaboration methods and tools. After completing the course, participants will be able to : 

  • discuss concepts of online collaboration, benefits and risks. 
  • engage in online collaboration tools and settings using LMS platform.
  • explain common online collaboration tools and their usage. 
  • Engage in using online collaboration tools on laptop/ desk top /mobile devices.
  • explore the professional use of Online collaboration tools and implement in their working/ learning process.



Face-to-face Sessions organized by

Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE)

 (Jan 22, 2018 to Jan 26, 2018)




  • TEs will comprehend and demonstrate the usage of LMS for learning at NDIE and will be actively engaged in working on assignments such as blogs, repots and weekly time logs. Competency in the usage of LMS will assist TEs to receive ongoing support from NDIE while working in individual dioceses with teachers, spark teachers and principals.


  • TEs will develop understanding of the effectiveness of the establishment of ‘Learning Centers’ in each diocese and will critically analyse its usage in the continuous professional development of teachers, spark teachers and principals. They will further develop the mechanism of the usage of the established learning centers based on guidelines discussed during the session.


  • TEs will be facilitated to evaluate appropriate techniques/strategies/activities for enrollment and result enhancement in each diocese considering contextual needs.


  • TEs will enhance their content knowledge of specific topics in specific disciplines for selected classes.


  • TEs will assess the effectiveness of various techniques/strategies/activities of assessment and consider their usage for/as learning with the intent of result enhancement of grades 9 and 10.