NRU endeavors to develop a community of ethical and critical researchers who undertake and disseminate research that feeds into the theory, practice and policy in education and interdisciplinary areas.


Research Vision

To become the leading educational research organization in Pakistan and strive for a balanced approach to research and publication that includes a focus on policy and practices in education. Build a community of scholars in the educational research and create a workplace environment that encourage collaboration, creativity and professional development for its faculty, students and the community at large.


Publication (Both Student and Faculty)

Conferences (Both national and International)

Upcoming Conference NRU will organize a Conference in October 2016 in lieu of 25 Years of Silver Jubilee celebration of NDIE. The theme for the conference is "Redefining innovation in teacher education: Contemporary mindsets challenges"


Faculty at NDIE is encouraged to participate in research projects announced locally, nationally and internationally while working individually or in teams depending on the requirements of the nature of the projects and feasibility for the time frame. Faculty initiated research projects are also welcome to broaden research exposure of faculty in the field of education.