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Email:; Contact: 0213-2781456-7

Ali Shah Bawani


MA (Psychology) (UoK, Karachi),  BA (Hons) (Psychology) (UoK, Karachi).

Ali Shah Bawani is an experienced educator and mentor with a Bachelor’s of Arts (Honors) and a Master’s of Arts in Psychology, specializing in educational psychology. Over the past six years, Ali Shah has made a significant impact through professional and voluntary teaching, primarily engaging with adolescents to offer guidance and counseling in educational, vocational, and personal/social domains.

With a focus on youth development and well-being, Ali has organized and led youth camps and seminars, fostering an environment conducive to the growth and self-discovery of young minds. Striving for professional development, he regularly participates in workshops and sessions focused on mental health and education, committing himself to the holistic development of adolescents. With increased challenges in mental and social well-being surfacing in the youth today, Ali Shah hopes to share his experiences and learning with the teachers to be and help mitigate the challenges faced by the youth in this dynamic age.