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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Secondary – 2.5 years Programme

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Secondary - 2.5 years Programme

NDIE is affiliated with the University of Karachi for the award of Bachelor of Education (BEd) (Hons). The BEd (Hons) programme includes all the courses offered by the University of Karachi as a requirement for the B.Ed (Hons) degree, as well as enrichment study courses designed and developed by NDIE for the skill advancement of students enrolled in the programme.

This programme is particularly designed to:

  • meet the professional educational needs of prospective teachers for the purpose of enabling them to become committed and life-long learners;
  • have a positive influence on the educational community in Pakistan;
  • improve the professional practice of prospective teachers and provide them with opportunities to extend their role in school settings;
  • carry out action research and engage in critical thinking and reflective practice courses; and,
  • develop the habit of inquiry into practice.

Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant is required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Commerce equivalent to two years substantial study in the area in which the students will undertake curricular and method studies.

Competence in English is required and, if not up to the required standard, the student will be obliged to undertake an extensive English language competency course to reach an appropriate standard.

Pre-Requisite Qualification:

The candidates who wish to select a subject from discipline 1 are required to have studied the same subject at F.Sc. level.

Each subject will be extended to 3 content and 1 pedagogy courses along with practicum, amounting to 15 credit hours.

The assessment weightage is as follows:
a) Internal Evaluation – 40%
b) University Examination – 60%

Enrichment Studies:
• General Studies
• Practical Maths
• English Support Courses
• Study of World Religions