Email:; Contact: 0213-2781456-7
Email:; Contact: 0213-2781456-7

Bartholomew David


MPhil (Iqra Uni, Karachi), MA in Population Science (MPS from UoK, Karachi), MEd (UoK, Karachi), MEd (ACU), BEd (UoK, Karachi), IGCE (ACU), BSc (UoK, Karachi)

Bartholomew David has been working at Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE) Karachi as a Faculty member since August 2002. He has taught Curriculum Planning and Development, Education Planning and Development and Education Administration and Supervision in the M.Ed. program. He was the Coordinator for the MEd program from 2003 to 2018.
Since 2017 he has been teaching several courses in the BEd program. These include School Society and Teacher, Assessment in Education, Research and Statistics in Education, Policy and Planning in Education, Perspectives of Teacher Education, Contemporary Trends and Issues in Education, Foundations of Education, Mathematics (content) and Secondary Education in Pakistan.
Bartholomew has rich experience in providing professional development to in-service professional developers and teachers. At present he contributes in the professional development of in-service Teacher Educators of the National Catholic Education Council (NCEC). He has also contributed in the Pre-Service Teacher Education Program of the (Pre-STEP) as a curriculum specialist and facilitated and supported teachers from the Bureau of Curriculum Sindh and University of Khairpur to design and develop a course in Foundations of Education and a course in Curriculum Planning and Development implemented in the present BEd courses.